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It all began one day in Greg's garage....

Founder, Greg Levy grew up in Hammonds Plains just down the hill from Atlantic Speed world. He used to listen to the cars racing around the tracks on Saturday nights. Atlantic Playland was established on the racetrack.  Arcade gaming instantly became his passion. Now, 40 years later, Arcade 73 is born.  

Greg Levy & Jackie Abboud are partners in life & now pinball. Our Arcade is a place of fun times, family & friends. After a hard day at work, what an incredible feeling to know you can come home to play, compete and enjoy one of our games! We love it & we know you will too! 

Our arcade has grown from a few basic games into a pretty substantial collection of exciting, high quality games. We thought about it, hard and wanted to bring the best to our customers. We are Arcade 73 and are excited for our future (Arcade 73 inc.) journey! We're always brainstorming, adding & perfecting our lineup. Keep in touch, We just love hearing from you!

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