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Bubble Hockey

Introducing the next generation of Super Chexx Bubble Hockey! With an indestructible base, new electronics and updated game features, it’s not just a game; it’s an experience. Choose from Team USA versions, 36 hand-painted NHL® teams, or customizable options—and bring home the dome today!


New Features:

- LED Lighting
- Jumbotron with LCD Scoreboard
- Video Animations
- Live Action Game Calls

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Super Kixx Pro



GOAL!!! Score the all-new SuperKixx Pro — the best international arcade soccer game! Choose your nation and enjoy endless hours of chipping, passing and shooting!

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NHL Super Chexx

Super Chexx Pro is the only dome hockey brand with electronics that allows for coin-operation. With strong fiberglass, smooth surface material and a durable polyethylene base, this indestructible Bubble Hockey game offers unmatched game play for years to come. With custom silk-screened graphics, side panels, and center ice logo, you can choose from NHL®, USA Hockey and Hockey Canada editions. Enjoy the true hockey experience with U.S. and Canadian anthems, live action sounds and 36 hand-painted team options, along with animated replay & live game announcing. Pick any two teams to face off in the No. 1 Bubble Hockey game in the world! Cult Appeal of Bubble Hockey 

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Ice Ball Pro

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ICE Ball Pro is built the ultimate game play for decades to come. The same arcade quality that we have been building for the last 40 years has now been transformed for the home market

ICE took its 40 years of experience developing and manufacturing games and a classic game put it together and created an instant classic. LED’s come standard to make ICEBall Pro standout in any room. We added the ICE twist too – with 5 game modes to make for hours of fun. Play with up to 4 players in the never before seen competitive ICEBall.

NBA Game Time Pro

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